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Igniting Constellations

I have come to learn how magnificent an occasion it is to listen the sensation that lives in the body. There is a world in each of us longing to be named, to be known. My yoga practice aims to bring you closer to your breath so you may realize and act upon the wonderment within.  Your Youness brings colors into this world. Your body is sacred. May you honor the star within you. Asè.

**Due to COVID-19, practice must be held in a space that yogi and client(s) agree on that adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines. Equipment (yoga mat, blocks, straps) is available upon request. 

Wednesday Morning Flow 

Start your Wednesday morning off with a 7:30am vinyasa flow. This 60 minute class will be held virtually via Zoom so you must register by filling out the form and a link will be sent to you.
Suggested donation: $10

Youth Session(S)

Youth yoga sessions will be constructed based on age group. Services provided to schools, recreational centers, afterschool programs, and practice can be held outside if weather permits an outdoor practice. Please inquire for more details. 


​One - on - one Sessions

This 60-minute private session will be tailored to help you deepen or begin your own personal practice.  Mat and props are available upon request.

**Sliding scale: $30-$60

30 minute meditation (Medi)

This 30 minute medi will primarily focus on intentional, mindful breathing. You are perfect wherever you may find yourself in your meditation practice even if it's your first time.

Group flow

If you're looking to get loose and free with family and friends or bring some wellness into your workspace, the group flow is perfect for you or your business!

Scribe - n - Move

The asanas in this workshop will be inspired by the Yoga Sutras and reflective writing exercises. Here, you will have space to explore the blockages that are inhibiting your optimal wellbeing. 


For rates and yoga inquires, please fill out the form below. If you have taken a class with me, I would love to hear  feedback on your experience. Thank you!

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